Adshel providing clients the next step in digital advertising

Smartphone penetration in New Zealand growing and with it currently sitting at 44% Adshel want to make sure advertisers can take advantage of this technologically savvy market by offering digital products to connect with those consumers. Consumers are looking for convenience and entertainment from their devices and the media industry needs to ensure there are products that can satisfy.

Adshel, in particular is constantly looking to bring to life the vitality of the great outdoors –  meeting these needs by keeping abreast of technologies and having discussions with clients to develop campaigns that create engagement opportunities between brands and consumers. Due to this the uptake of the digital platforms offered by Adshel has been strong lately with some exciting, innovative and clever advertising solutions being produced to interact with consumers on a street level.

Of particular interest in recent weeks is the Countdown Shelter Wraps located in Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch. The standard bus shelter has been converted into a supermarket aisle, displaying numerous festive season groceries for consumers to purchase on the spot. By simply using the Countdown App on their smartphone they are able to scan the barcodes of any one of the 55 products offered and put them in their App basket. This is taking supermarket shopping to the next level, by taking the aisle directly to the consumer. Its prominent position and ease of use, due to being street level has ensured a great deal of interest and activity for this product. While this has been done in various forms in different countries around the world, it is the first installation in New Zealand.

Another industry first for Adshel is the Wifi enabled shelter from Samsung. Advertising their Samsung ATIV product they were able to showcase the product to the fullest using a Wifi enabled touchscreen installed in the end panel, linking consumers directly to the specific sites for the Samsung campaign. Clean, clever and simple creative further enhanced the WOW factor of this campaign.

Being street level and static, Adshel are also well placed to utilise other digital initiatives including QR codes, video and sound, and interactive TV screens and cameras, such as Vodafone installed earlier this year. Adshel are excited about working with consumers to embrace the digital revolution and engage with the ever increasing smartphone users in New Zealand.