APN Outdoor’s Headline Series shines an Outdoor light on FMCG

SYDNEY: Leading Outdoor company, APN Outdoor, chose to focus on the FMCG consumer for the next edition of the Headline Series, sharing the compelling data from the category’s media spend and the new habits of the FMCG consumer.

The ‘FMCG – The role for Outdoor’ presentation shows that the various subgroup consumers within the FMCG category are heavy consumers of Outdoor media.

Janine Wood, APN Outdoor’s General Manager – Marketing, explains the importance of the presentation; “We know that we are challenging long-accepted concepts and beliefs with our Headline Series. The research and insights that come out of the series give media agencies the compelling story for how important the role is Outdoor plays when planning an effective campaign. With FMCG, frequency is key for turning the heads of targeted consumers at the decision making stage that affects buying outcomes.”

The Headline Series ‘FMCG – The role for Outdoor’ will be presented to agencies across Australia from this week onwards. <End>