Adshel Leading the Way in Digital Out-of-Home

20th March 2014: With the exciting news that Adshel Australia are rolling out the country’s first advanced digital rail network in Sydney, here in New Zealand Adshel are working behind the scenes to bring both mobile engagement and digital interaction to the streets of New Zealand.

DOOH Growing Rapidly

Recent research from PQ Media shows that global digital out-of-home media exposure surged 75% between 2007 and 2013, second only to mobile, and the average global consumer was exposed to various DOOH media for 14 minutes per week in 2013 compared with eight minutes in 2007.

Meanwhile, Google’s “Mobile Planet” research has shown that smartphone penetration in New Zealand is rising fast, from 44% in 2012 to 54% in 2013 and this increasingly connected consumer is expecting more opportunities to interact and engage with brands.

Nick Vile, Adshel NZ GM says: “Consumers are accessing more media outside of the home and we need to provide new and relevant ways to reach and engage these people. With traditional media continuing to decline, outdoor is best placed to take advantage of the opportunities that digital and mobile are bringing to advertisers”.

There are a number of brands who are already successfully integrating DOOH into their campaigns. Yahoo brought the people of San Francisco closer together with their Bus Stop Derby, Swedish retailer Apotek Hjärtat’s used real-time engagement to perfection with their recent campaign ‘Makes Your Hair Come Alive’ and here in New Zealand, Samsung seamlessly connected digital outdoor and social media with their award winning campaign “The SmartPhone Line”.

Vile adds “Research shows that consumers expect their advertising to be interactive and engaging. Adshel in particular can drive digital activity above and beyond other outdoor by offering consumers the opportunity to interact at street level with brands via QR and NFC, WIFI, LCD and Touch Screens.

Adshel are already bringing digital innovation to the streets of New Zealand with successful campaigns including an interactive LCD screen for J&J Neutrogena, facial recognition technology for BNZ and Augmented Reality for Vodafone and Samsung.

For more information on Adshel Ignite campaigns, visit their website here.