Adshel Unbundles Digital Packs across Adshel Live Network

Media Release: 23 April 2018

Adshel New Zealand announces the launch of Adshel Live Unbundled, as they break up their digital packs offering advertisers even more buying and creative flexibility across the Adshel Live network.

Adshel Live is New Zealand’s largest digital roadside network, consisting of 235 ultra- High Definition digital screens across Auckland, Wellington, Christchurch and Hamilton.

Until recently Adshel Live was sold in broadcast packs. Unbundling the packs will enable advertisers to target their buy to only those screens that best meet their campaign criteria, delivering greater in-demo audience volume and campaign efficiency.

“Adshel Live’s bread and butter has always been the ability for advertisers to utilise creative flexibility to tailor their messages to the context in which an audience views them. Unbundling takes this to the next level, by allowing advertisers to apply audience and location data to not only the ad served, but to the selection of those screens that best target their audience, enabling even more targeted and relevant broadcast campaigns”, says Adshel’s Digital and Technology Sales Manager, Rick Goodwin.

Adshel has confirmed that initially one of the six slots on the Adshel Live network will be unbundled and available as a bespoke weekly buy across the network, leveraging the strength of Adshel Live as a mass reach and frequency builder over that period.

Adshel Live Unbundled complements the traditional broadcast pack buys and the recently launched day buying solution to give advertisers more options of the Adshel Live suite, further expanding the role that Adshel can play in media channel planning.

Adshel and iconic New Zealand brand, 2degrees have partnered on the launch of Adshel Live Unbundled.

“Adshel’s reach on the streets of New Zealand and the ability to capture Kiwis no matter where they are has natural synergies with our brand footprint, and the dynamic nature of our business” Says Roy Ong, Chief Marketing Officer of 2degrees.

A strategic move by 2degrees’ media agency, Ikon Communications, Zac Stephenson, Managing Director sees great value in the buying flexibility that Adshel Live Unbundled has to offer,

“Adshel breaking up their packs provides us with endless opportunities to maximise the benefits that contextual relevance delivers to our clients. Coupled with Adshel’s array of audience and location targeting data, the delivery of audiences with the right message based on time and location is extremely valuable and one we didn’t hesitate to jump on board with.”

Unlimited creative uploads and site-by-site message scheduling will continue to be available at no cost to advertisers, enabling full creative flexibility.


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Elaine Gibbons
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About Adshel

As a leading out-of-home media company, Adshel allows advertisers across Australia and New Zealand to connect, engage and influence commuters where they work, live, shop and play. Adshel is the most recognised name in street furniture, and a key player in the out-of-home media market, reaching 82%* of New Zealanders. Adshel was formed in 1997 and is wholly owned and operated by HT&E.

Looking ahead, Adshel will continue to lead the market in innovation and insights with a world-first national digital roadside network and industry-leading consumer research programs. Expanding their portfolio into data and geo-targeting solutions, they’re always searching for the next big thing in out-of-home, ensuring they offer advertisers new and robust ways to reach, engage and impact their audience.

Adshel is New Zealand’s only national street furniture provider with the scale, flexibility, creativity and innovation to drive results.

*Source: New Zealand Census
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