JCDecaux unveils first global study – ‘Airports: Open for Business’

The ‘Airports: Open for Business’ study focuses exclusively on senior and C-suite executives. It was undertaken in 12 markets, including Australia. Further information about the study is available here: 



In Australia, JCDecaux has contracts with Sydney and Perth airports and also the T3 terminal in Sydney will move to JCDecaux from July 1st. In New Zealand JCDecaux works with three airports – Auckland Christchurch and Queenstown.


In addition, and to provide some further context, last month JCDecaux launched ‘Airport Audience Measurement’ (AAM), the first international audience measurement system for the airport industry.


It’s been developed to offer advertisers and agencies standard metrics throughout the world, including Australia and New Zealand, and was designed in collaboration with Veltys, a company specialising in complex data analysis, processing and modelling. 


As well as featuring the main Out-of-Home audience measurement standards, the system also takes into consideration the specific features of airports in terms of frequency of contact and audience reached, including:

–    Passenger numbers per terminal and per day

–    The unique passenger profile

–    The impact of dwell time on campaign frequency

–    Information on how passengers move around the airport.



It will be progressively rolled out globally, first in Paris then Changi in Singapore, followed by other markets. 

Download the Study