Happy or Hangry? JCDecaux uses unique Out-of-Home first facial recognition to launch Yoplait Yogurt Smoothies

JCDecaux has featured unique, Out-of-Home facial recognition technology to determine whether passers-by have happy or ‘hangry’ expressions to dispense vouchers to sample the new range of Yoplait Yoghurt Smoothies.

JCDecaux has collaborated with Lion Dairy & Drinks and its agencies AJF Partnership and Starcom to develop the unique Out-of-Home experience for the launch of Yoplait Yoghurt Smoothie “Fix your Hanger” campaign.

A special build panel, located on Sydney’s George Street, will use face-tracking technology where consumers’ facial reactions will be assessed and a voucher dispensed to redeem a FREE Yoplait Yoghurt Smoothie in a partnered store located in close proximity to the panel.

When a face is detected in proximity to the panel a message is displayed asking passers-by to “Smile or frown for a free smoothie”.

JCDecaux Head of Creative Solutions, Ashley Taylor, said: “We are incredibly excited to launch this Out-of-Home first experience where facial tracking technology is incorporated into a special build panel to trigger a dispensed item.

“The panel feeds image data from a camera to a machine-learning algorithm that is trained to detect face orientation and estimate the user’s emotion. A custom made vending machine is then triggered to dispense the appropriate voucher depending on whether the consumer is deemed to be happy or ‘hangry’. It’s a fantastic way to engage with busy CBD consumers.”

Lion Dairy & Drinks Marketing & Innovation Director, Darryn Wallace, said he was excited to have Yoplait Yoghurt Smoothies using this innovative new marketing platform for its launch campaign.

“Yoplait has always been a great innovator in new yogurt offerings and is about joyful interactions. It’s exciting that we will be engaging our consumers with such a fun and interactive new platform – we know the Yoplait Yoghurt Smoothies will satisfy even our most happy or hangry consumers,” he said.

Starcom’s Client Service Director, Anna Camuglia said: “We were looking for a way to launch the joy of Yoplait Yoghurt Smoothie to ultimately ensure it’s a memorable experience which aids recall at the fridge. This Out-of-Home idea will literally stop people in the street and create a value exchange anchored in whether they are happy or hangry, two very real category need states. Their attention will then be rewarded with a voucher to redeem for their Yoplait Yoghurt Smoothie of choice nearby. The interactions so far have evoked a few giggles.”

Watch the video here