OMANZ launches industry first Placement Policy

The Out of Home industry has united through the Outdoor Media Association of New Zealand (OMANZ) to take an active role in minimising exposure of restricted messaging to children and young people through the industry Placement Policy.

The Policy aims to ensure that all industry members are aware of and comply with community expectations in relation to the placement of Out of Home advertising. It is designed to work in conjunction with the OMANZ Code of Conduct and industry self-regulatory Codes that govern the content of advertisements.

Developed in consultation with ASA (Advertising Standards Authority), ANZA (The Association of New Zealand Advertisers) and The Food Industry Taskforce, OMANZ and its members have taken this initiative to ensure the industry is operating in the best interest of the community.

The Policy includes imposing restrictions including:

  • Products that are illegal for sale to minors cannot be located within a 300-metre sightline of the main entrance to a Primary, Intermediate, or Secondary school; similarly,
  • Occasional foods and beverages cannot be located within a 300-metre sightline of the main entrance of Primary or Intermediate schools.

These policy features, as agreed by OMANZ members, are the most effective way to ensure that signs are not legible from school grounds or as children travel to and from school and is one of the most stringent globally – with Australia operating within a 150-metre sightline and the UK, within a 200-metre sightline.

Hilary Souter, Chief Executive of the Advertising Standards Authority said, “It is great to see self-regulation in action with the Out of Home sector taking this initiative to support responsible ad placement and assist advertisers and agencies with code compliance.”

Natasha O’Connor, General Manager of OMANZ said, “the OMANZ Placement Policy illustrates that the Out of Home industry acknowledges its responsibility to operate in a manner that is in line with community expectations, and as such, has pro-actively introduced this new self-regulating policy.”

“As experts in advertising we want to ensure the significant reach and power Out of Home is used to make a positive difference in our community,” O’Connor continues.

OMANZ Placement Policy will come to effect on 1 July 2020. For more details, please visit