JCD & oOh!Media joint owners of Out of Home audience measurement platform Calibre

JCDecaux NZ Country Head Mike Watkins and oOh!media NZ General Manager Nick Vile today announced they have entered into an arrangement where the JCDecaux developed Out of Home audience measurement and planning platform, Calibre will be jointly owned by both parties, in a
funding model similar to Australia and other global industry measurement systems.
The move will cement Calibre’s position as the industry-wide audience measurement solution and pave
the way for further enhancements in the future.
Calibre was created by JCDecaux in 2017 to provide the industry with a robust Out of Home planning
and measurement tool, delivering unprecedented transparency and accountability for advertisers’
campaigns. Since its inception, JCDecaux’s goal for the platform was for it to become the currency for
industry-wide Out of Home audience measurement.
The sale of 50% of Calibre has achieved just that, with the platform now endorsed by New Zealand’s Out
of Home Media Association Aotearoa (OOHMAA) as the singular Out of Home audience measurement
platform. JCDecaux and oOh!media are also working with a number of new members who are planning
to join Calibre.
The continued enhancement of Calibre is a priority for JCDecaux, oOh!media, and all OOHMAA
members who are being engaged in development plans. The companies are collectively collaborating
with developers, Reach Media, to deliver a comprehensive two-year road map for Calibre’s ongoing
development, including how Calibre will deliver audience standardisation for programmatic platforms
with the intent that this road map will be shared with the market in the coming months.
The latest Calibre development delivers the ability to calculate net reach at the geographic level
appropriate to the campaign, whether it be at a local, metropolitan, or regional level. For example, if a
campaign contains multiple sites within a metropolitan area, a metropolitan reach percentage will be
presented, whereas if an individual site in a small town is selected, a local reach percentage will be
displayed. The main benefit of this feature is that it increases the relevance and granularity of audience

“Calibre has been promoted as the potential industry standard as it is the most appropriate, accurate, and up to date data science platform for New Zealand, taking into consideration the dynamic of our
urban and provincial population distribution. Also, the platform is both future-proofed and has the capacity
for further development. This move solidifies Calibre as the industry currency measurement tool and the
platform to unify the industry. We are delighted that oOh!media has chosen to invest in Calibre and that
there has been a great amount of collaboration both within the industry and among Out of Home
suppliers to make Calibre the success it is. We look forward to working together to grow the Out of
Home industry,” Watkins said.
Nick Vile, oOh!media New Zealand’s General Manager, said: “The industry has been on an audience
measurement journey for some time, with many options considered either at a sector level or as
proprietary tools. The consistent feedback we have received from the market is that standardisation of
audience metrics for the sector is critical to our continued success.
“Calibre emerged as the key candidate for a sector unifying tool because of the robustness of the data
inputs and supporting methodologies. Drawing on multiple data sources, it is truly holistic in its view of
how people move around our country’s metropolitan areas. We are pleased to now be on this journey
with JCDecaux, and along with other OOHMAA members, see this development as the stepping stone to
true unification and long-lasting benefits for our industry.”