National Traffic Volume updated 22 April 2021

Apart from the seasonal changes in traffic volume we see every Easter, traffic volumes in Auckland remain consistent.

While our audience is back, we notice slightly different travel patterns as businesses allow greater flexibility working from home and in hours needed in the office.

All other main Mets have been stable at around 100% since the end of the initial lockdown mid 2020.


  • Junction traffic sensors 
  • Measures all lanes of 36 locations
  • Live traffic control system that maximises use of Auckland road network 
  • Technology used by 30 international cities

* Metropolitan traffic volume from the most recent AT report using a weighed average of 7 days of weekday & weekend data.  


NZ Transport Agency TMS data -800 traffic sensors:

* Met traffic volume has been created using a weighted average based on the population of Wellington, Christchurch, Hamilton and Dunedin.