National Traffic Volume

There was no change in Auckland traffic for the week 26-1 November, sitting at a steady 97% for the second week in a row.


CBD traffic volume has continued to eek ever closer to pre-Covid levels;

CBD AM: 7-9 am (5 days) 89%

CBD AM: 7-9 am (7 days) 91%

CBD PM: 4-6 pm (5 days) 87%

CBD PM: 4-6 pm (7 days) 89%


We will continue to watch these numbers over the coming weeks to see if this trend continues.  With companies now offering more flexibility to employees around days working from home and flexibility with hours in the office, it will be interesting to see if we do indeed end back at pre covid traffic volume levels.


  • Junction traffic sensors 
  • Measures all lanes of 36 locations
  • Live traffic control system that maximises use of Auckland road network 
  • Technology used by 30 international cities

* Metropolitan traffic volume from the most recent AT report using a weighed average of 7 days of weekday & weekend data.  


NZ Transport Agency TMS data -800 traffic sensors:

* Met traffic volume has been created using a weighted average based on the population of Wellington, Christchurch, Hamilton and Dunedin.