National Traffic Volume

Last week we saw a positive change volume-wise in CBD traffic without any lifting in restrictions in Auckland. These are outlined below;

CBD Traffic – ALL – 7days: 72%

CBD AM: 7-9 am (5 days) 77% – no change week on week

CBD AM: 7-9am (7 days) 80% – up from 73% last week

With an incident on Auckland Harbour bridge Friday mid-morning and it’s closure on Friday afternoon, we saw an immediate impact on afternoon traffic, which bought down the weekly PM average.

CBD PM: 4-6pm (5 days) 74% – down from 77%

CBD PM: 4-6pm (7 days) 75% – down from 77%


Auckland will experience a loosening of restrictions as of midnight tonight; however, the ongoing lane closures on the harbour bridge is likely to continue to impact CBD traffic. We’ll take a closer look next Wednesday.


  • Junction traffic sensors 
  • Measures all lanes of 36 locations
  • Live traffic control system that maximises use of Auckland road network 
  • Technology used by 30 international cities

* Metropolitan traffic volume from the most recent AT report using a weighed average of 7 days of weekday & weekend data.  


NZ Transport Agency TMS data -800 traffic sensors:

* Met traffic volume has been created using a weighted average based on the population of Wellington, Christchurch, Hamilton and Dunedin.