National Traffic Volume

New Zealand roads are back to normal which is reflected in traffic volumes across all markets.

Traffic flow across our main cities are back to those of pre-COVID in 3 of the 5 markets we report on;

  • Auckland – 94%
  • Wellington – 96%
  • Christchurch – 104%
  • Hamilton – 100%
  • Dunedin – 100%

We have looked in a little more detail at the CBD area of Auckland, which currently sits at 82% of last year’s volume. We believe the discrepancies between CBD and Greater Auckland are due to some businesses still staggering the return of their workforce, and/or allowing more flexibility of their staff around their working hours in the office.


We will continue to monitor the traffic volume in Auckland CBD over the coming weeks and update when appropriate.



The data for this report is sourced from NZTA and Auckland Transport, as it is critical to OOHMAA and its members, that this data is the most accurate and comprehensive view possible and from a trusted source. Data from these two sources have been blended to provide insight and a representative snapshot of the weekly travel behaviour of New Zealanders as we transition through the Covid-19 alert levels.


  • Junction traffic sensors 
  • Measures all lanes of 36 locations
  • Live traffic control system that maximises use of Auckland road network 
  • Technology used by 30 international cities

* Metropolitan traffic volume from the most recent AT report using a weighed average of 7 days of weekday & weekend data.  


NZ Transport Agency TMS data -800 traffic sensors:

* Met traffic volume has been created using a weighted average based on the population of Wellington, Christchurch, Hamilton and Dunedin.