National Traffic Volume as at 3 March 2021

OOHMAA will be adding a daily update to this page reporting on AT Traffic Volume numbers.


As these are daily numbers, we can’t make any statistically correct assumption that at LV3 this time around, traffic hasn’t been as heavily impacted; however, so far, day 1 was 59%, day 2 was 61%, and day 3 is 60%

  • Previously, during the first AL3 (May 2020), the average weekday 24h traffic volume was 55%, the second AL3 (August 2020), it was 58%, and on the recent AL3, Tuesday 16 February, it was 56% relative to the baseline value.


While Auckland under Level 3 is experiencing a temporary decrease in traffic congestion, the other main cities are business as usual under fewer restrictions at Level.

Data from past lockdowns have shown the period between Level 3 ending and traffic returning to a normal level reduces each time. Following the end of 2020s first lockdown, traffic returned to normal within four weeks. Then following the end of 2020s August, Level 3 traffic returned to normal within one week. OOHMAA predicts that if Auckland’s current Level 3 status ends on Sunday morning as planned, traffic will return to normal by 10th March.


  • Junction traffic sensors 
  • Measures all lanes of 36 locations
  • Live traffic control system that maximises use of Auckland road network 
  • Technology used by 30 international cities

* Metropolitan traffic volume from the most recent AT report using a weighed average of 7 days of weekday & weekend data.  


NZ Transport Agency TMS data -800 traffic sensors:

* Met traffic volume has been created using a weighted average based on the population of Wellington, Christchurch, Hamilton and Dunedin.