Technology and Innovation

Out of Home is the only traditional media on a growth trajectory. With consumers demanding to be connected with the world on their terms, Out of Home is becoming more relevant than ever before. By aligning with mobile and digital technologies, advertisers are now able to connect with their audience anywhere, anytime.

Technology has strengthened the impact of out of home, taking it from being a passive medium to one that can be fully interactive; a potential one-stop shop for promotion, engagement and transaction.

Dynamic digital billboards can serve as a live platform to schedule client content in real-time, providing increased flexibility and campaign leverage to deliver greater audience engagement. This includes content management, dynamic feeds, weather triggers and social media integration.

WiFi, Quick Response (QR) codes, Near-Field Communication (NFC), mobile technology, special builds, as well as Motion and Gesture Recognition, have opened a world of choices for out of home campaigns. The creative process for developing Out of Home is accordingly taking on new dimensions.

Where once the focus was purely image copy and logo, a new product can now be launched by creating a virtual product immersion experience. Street furniture can be transformed to offer instant retail transactions via NFC. Sound and video can be embedded to deliver rich content. Free product trials can be offered at the tap of a phone or the push of a button. Consumers can play a game or pair their portable device with creative to upload their own content and data. Content can be customised to suit the location, time of day, consumer interaction or consumer disposition.

With a myriad of faces and increasing technological and digital advancements, Out of Home is the ultimate platform for executing sharper and smarter campaigns that have maximum impact.

The opportunities are endless and growing…..