NZers reached

Out of Home reaches more NZers today than ever before at 73% (source: Nielsen CMI Q218-Q1 19). It reaches students, commuters, parents, business people, drivers, shoppers – everyone!


will try a new product after seeing out of home advertising

It is especially effective at reaching the groups advertisers want most: young, urban, affluent consumers. These consumers see the most OOH advertising (66% of Outdoor Observers in the last 7 days), respond positively to it, speaking to friends and family about what they’ve seen and are influenced to try new products (24% will try a new product after seeing out of home advertising source: Nielsen CMI Q218-Q1 19).

UK studies show that Out of Home reaches the population when they are in an ‘ultra-absorbent’ state of mind. When out of their homes people are more alert, and therefore better able to take in messages and information.


say it impacts their buying decisions

Only Out of home can catch people in this state of mind and due to its scale, can deliver more of this audience to the advertiser. More importantly, this audiences purchasing is influenced (27% say it impacts their buying decisions), talk positively to their social group about the advertising and try new products (source: Nielsen CMI Q218-Q1 19).